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Our new site has launched!

Thanks to Cosy Studios for the web-work and Lee Henry for the brand design.

Our romantic short film with a twist, Letters to Vanessa, is nearly completed. The story tracks the courting stage between shy neighbours Edward Meredith and Vanessa Ray.
The film is near the end of its complex colouring process with colourist, photographer and videographer Diane Betties before embarking on its international festival voyage.

"SHATTERED" is a visual challenge: 5-minutes of condensed 'Hitchcockian' suspense, shot in close-ups only.

Directed by Oli Gots and produced by Andy Wooding.

You can check out the competition and other entries here.

And you'll also be entertained by this short interview titles "Paul Simon remix buys winner haircut"!

bear Beats will receive:


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