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  • Copy Writing
  • Script consultancy
  • Storyboarding
  • Script consultancy
  • Script consultancy
  • Script consultancy


Need to spice up your language?

Sweeten the sound of your deals?

We can offer anything from short, punchy taglines to the beefiest, most heavy-weight reads imaginable. Whatever the style and voice you desire for your brand, we can do it.

Previous clients include:

Sky, Her Caribbean, Trophy Store and Bold Ride

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Lost in the middle of creative no man's land?

Need your script reviewed?

Your edit checked out?

Your concept analysed?

The team behind Shakeldimes run Film Doctor to aid you with all your writing, directing and producing nightmares. Film Doctor is only in its second year and already has a following of thousands thanks to our helpful weekly tips and the amazing filmmaking community.

As a film consultancy we strive to aid the story, production and marketability of your Films. Film Doctor can come on board at any stage!

Film Doctor offers tailored packages that include Script Consultancy, Storyboarding, Film Marketing and much more.


Need help visualising your concept?

Need a visual aid for your pitch?

We offer both illustrative and digital work. If you're looking for rough sketches or crisp, clean, bright, bold designs then you've come to the right place.
Film/commercial/music video storyboarding and concept art.
Brand logos/designs.


Do you need a music video?

Live gig covering?

Or need your talent/brand showcased?

We have full broadcast quality video and sound kits to capture what you need.


Live gig? Party? Black tie awards ceremony?

Want slick pictures of your event?

We can capture everything you want on as small or grand as scale as you'd like.
Previous clients include:

So Television



Need original music or sound design to spruce up your film? Overdubs recording? Foley sound effects?

Cosy Studios is a facility in the heart of the Kent countryside that can provide you with recording solutions, mixing & mastering and a creative zen space to record your ideas, sound effects or overdubs. They can also provide custom music scores & soundtracks. They designed & built this website!
Matt Parker - Matt has toured the world with his band Nedry also acting as engineer, producer, composer and performer for the group. Matt has worked for a number of corporate clients, producing bespoke music treatments for video in the UK and Poland. This has included a broad range of compositional requirements, from architectural visualisations to fashion and catwalk pieces.